Mobile Marketing Training

Designing and Managing Successful Mobile Programs

Length: Partial day

Workshop Size: 8-20 Participants

Audience: Those teams tasked with delivering mobile programs or campaigns for clients: account management, program managers, planners, strategy and analytics and social. Experience with mobile programs ranging from limited to extensive.


There are more than 300mm mobile subscribers in the US and over 68% of them use smartphones, plus over 50% of US adults own a tablet. Mobile has become THE major new channel to connect consumers with brands and companies. Mobile ad spending is expected to top $15B in 2014 along. From simple phone calls to SMS to coupons to applications to video to social media there is a wide range of ways to connect effectively via a mobile device. The trick is to know the possibilities and limitations of each when recommending, creating and managing a mobile program or campaign.

This workshop will help you recommend, sell in and manage a solid mobile campaign that integrates with the broader digital and broadcast (if any) marketing efforts to create a seamless experience for the consumer. The class focuses on how to scope out a campaign, set expectations internally and with your client, determine the elements needed to create and launch a campaign, speed bumps that might get in your way, aligning the program within the context of a larger campaign, where social fits and, if necessary, how to bring the campaign to a multi-country audience. The content includes inside tips to guide a successful campaign and showcasing the links between mobile marketing, media and general broad based client advertising.

Participants leave with the ability to:

  • How to explain the benefits of different mobile approaches
  • How to make mobile a new revenue source for the organization
  • Know where mobile makes sense for a client and where it fits in the sales funnel
  • Integrate mobile to a wider set of marketing activities
  • Create and manage best in class mobile campaigns
  • Know what makes good mobile user experience

If you plan to increase your digital revenues next year, and want to ensure that you deliver best-in-class Mobile work for your client then sign up for the Webinar that will help give you the knowledge and tools you need.