Wireless 101

Getting to Know the Wireless Industry

Length: Partial day

Workshop Size: 8-20 Participants

Audience: Anyone new or recently new to the wireless business – newly assigned to a wireless client or assigned to a wireless or mobile group within a business. Entry level thru group leadership.



For anyone new to a wireless client or have joined a mobile team, understanding the landscape of the industry is pretty daunting. Everything from spectrum to different cellular technologies to messy industry jargon to devices to data; it is all quite confusing. This is a complicated business and being able to get your arms around it will only help.

This workshop is all about getting a good grounding in the dynamics of the wireless business. In a simple and straightforward way, participants learn the basics of the wireless industry and provide context for how the category is changing. The workshop includes breakout sessions, extensive opportunity for Q&A and is continually updated to reflect the latest changes in the business.

Participants leave with the ability to:

  • Understand key drivers of the business such as spectrum, pricing, cellular network technologies, device differentiation and the role of data
  • Walk away knowledge of how the mobile and wireless industry is changing and the resulting marketing implications
  • Context for how to keep abreast of changes in the industry
  • Be a better planner for how to develop a sound wireless strategy for the organization
  • Be smarter in working with outside wireless and mobile vendors
  • Impress the wireless client with participant and organization depth of knowledge of the category.