Wireless 301

Deep Dive into the Wireless Industry

Length: Partial day

Workshop Size: 8-20 Participants

Audience: Anyone who has worked with a wireless or mobile client for some time but would benefit from a re-fresh and deep dive on key issues driving the industry, profitability and projections for the future. Valuable to entry level thru group leadership with the assumption that participants have spent at least 6 months in wireless and mobile.



For anyone who works on a wireless client or are part of a mobile team, this workshop is designed to get participants up to speed on changes in the industry and provide a deeper understanding of the key issues shaping the business today. With new network technologies rolling out alongside a bevy of new devices, new pricing and plans, new application capability and an overall changing ecosystem, it is difficult to stay current on it all. Further, the expectation is that those who work on a wireless client or who are on a mobile team are deeply versed in the business and are fluent in all aspects of the industry.

This workshop is designed to deepen the knowledge base of those working in the business. In an engaging way, participants get up to speed on the latest developments in the wireless and mobile space, gain insight into where the industry is going and what are the key drivers to pay attention as the industry matures. The workshop includes breakout sessions, extensive opportunity for Q&A and is continually updated to reflect the latest changes in the business.

 Participants leave with the ability to:

  • Speak to the key drivers of the business and understand how the key technologies work.
  • Set clear expectations for wireless and mobile in their organizations when developing strategy or planning.
  • Identify new business opportunities for their company
  • Work smarter in their business and work better for their clients
  • Take ownership of their new industry knowledge and apply it to their everyday work
  • Be empowered to determine what technology or application is relevant to their organization